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Evil Hero/E-Hero

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PostSubject: Evil Hero/E-Hero   Tue Dec 22, 2009 12:22 am

This is just something I thought of, a few days ago when i made an Evil Hero deck. This might be old for someone, or useless. But I haven't played this game for a couple of months now, and haven't dueled anyone in KCVDS.

Here is the deck I thought of:


1 x Cyber dragon
3 x E-hero Sparkman
3 x E-hero Clayman
1 x Snipe hunter
1 x Card trooper
1 x Morphing jar
1 x E-hero Stratos
2 x King of swamp


1 x Dark fusion
3 x Dark calling
2 x My body as a shield
2 x R-righteous justice
1 x Mystical space typhoon
1 x Heavy storm
3 x Reinforcement of the army
3 x E-emergency call
1 x Emergency provisions
2 x Polymerization
1 x Giant trunade
1 x Lightning vortex


2 x Bottomless trap hole
1 x Magic cylinder
1 x Torrential tribute
1 x Mirror force

Fusion monster:

3 x E-hero Thunder giant
3 x E-hero Plasma vice
3 x Evil hero Lightning golem
3 x Fortress dragon

Why those cards and why this amount?

Cyber dragon: This is a good card, has great attack power, just special summon it when your opponent have one or more monster on his/her side, but in this case its for his attack power and for the Fortress dragon. Because if the oppenent has a cyber deck/jinzo this will be handy.

E-hero Sparkman and Clayman: It is only for fusion the Evil hero Lightning golem. Increase the rate/percent to call forth the main fusion monser in the deck(Lightning Golem).

Snipe hunter: A card that make your hand destructive, when the dice throw only make 2/3 of the times to destroy a card. In this deck the effect will actually support you kind a bit. Like for instant you have an E-hero monster(Sparkman or Clayman), discard the monster and now you have two advantages. By making the (Sparkman or Clayman) in grave you can summon Lightning golem, and also if you are lucky you destroyed a card:)

Card trooper: Just to increase the hand, and the rate of drawing a good card(please do not use its effect unless you havent got any E-hero on the hand on a while and MAKE SURE you have Dark calling on your hand).

Morphing Jar: To Increase you hand and the rate of drawing a good card. Normally people set down their hand, such as spells and their remaining traps to prevent the discarding the good cards to the grave, so its quite easy to see when they set down Morphing jar. So the good part is you can have your E-hero on you hand, maybe if you are lucky you have three E-hero. Discard them to the grave make you can instantly have the chance to summon Lightning Golem(it will also make your opponent hard to see that, if you have 2 or more E-hero'es on the hand).

E-hero Stratos: Most of the people know what it does. Most of them just use it to add card to your hand and forget the power of its second effect, which is very usefull in this deck. 1 of this deck weakness is trap/face downs. Whenever you have enough E-hero on the field and the opponent have the amount of face downs just kill it. If not just add an E-hero to your hand.

King of swamp: Increase the rate of getting a Lightning Golem(whenever it is on the hand, field, or grave it can be used for dark fusion), or to have a polymerization to increase the rate of drawing a good card. And also to use it to fuse to get like E-hero Plasma vice. It can also be used as a sacrifice for Snipe hunter.

Dark fusion/Dark calling: More dark calling is because for all the description above.

My body as a shield: Cost alot of LP, but is worth it, Hero deck have most of the time many monsters on the field and most of them attack position(because is an attack type deck). What are they afraid of? Traps that kills their monsters.

R-righteous justice/ Mystical spce typhoon/ Giant trunade/ Heavy storm: Like I said before this deck is scared of traps/ face downs, so why not?

Emergency provisions: To help a little bit with the LP(for using "My body as a shield")

Reinforcement of the army and E-emergency call: To help you to increase the rate of getting an E-hero(stratos, Clayman, Sparkman) and to help you to increase the rate to draw a good card. But later "Reinforcement of the army" will change to limit or semi-limit(i cant really remember) so if that happens just change to 1 "more King of swamp" and 1 more "Polymerization"

Lightning vortex: Everyone know what it does, discard and E-hero or King of swamp.

Bottomless trap hole/ Magic cylinder/ Torrential tribute/ Mirror force: only set out 1 trap at the time to prevent "Heavy storm" and other traps killer(it depends on the situation), if you have low LP and have "Emergency provisions" then set as many as you like(sometimes if you have "Emergency provisions" on the hand, it doesnt really matter how many traps you set out, it is a quick spell, make you LP before it will be killed by "Heavy storm"), but I dont prefer that.

Phrase I used- increase the rate to draw a good card: it means when you take cards from your deck it will make your deck smaller, that will make your chance to get the card/cards you want(unless you have already got that) higher. (It's just mathematics)....hehe

This deck will also have a mayor problem against Horus deck, so i will update this, after some more testing.
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PostSubject: Re: Evil Hero/E-Hero   Fri Jan 01, 2010 11:32 pm

In my belief, the best strategy for Evil Heroes is the Dark Gaia OTK.
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PostSubject: Re: Evil Hero/E-Hero   Sat Jan 02, 2010 12:41 am

yep you cant really get anywere with the others and dark gaia dosent work well in an hero deck
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PostSubject: Re: Evil Hero/E-Hero   Sat Jan 02, 2010 12:45 am

I'm not talking about a heroes deck. I'm saying the best one is Dark Gaia because you can OTK with it. The whole idea behind it is getting Dark Gaia out with the highest possible ATK.
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PostSubject: Re: Evil Hero/E-Hero   

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Evil Hero/E-Hero

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