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3rd Lesson

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PostSubject: 3rd Lesson   Thu Jan 07, 2010 7:05 pm

This week's lesson is about chaining. Please PM me your answers.

1. Can Royal Decree stop Solemn Judgment if Royal Decree was not face-up when Solemn Judgment was activated? Explain.

2. If a player Special Summons Chaos Sorcerer, is he allowed to use its effect before his/her opponent activates Bottomless Trap Hole? Explain.

3. Same scenario as above, but what if the opponent activates Solemn Judgment to negate the summon? Explain.

4. Same scenario as above, but what if the opponent flips their face-up monster face-down using Book of Moon? Explain.

5. Does summoning a monster start a Chain Link?

6. Does attacking start a Chain Link?

7. What types of effects are Spell Speed 1? Just a list.

8. What types of effects are Spell Speed 2? Just a list.

9. When does the priority pass to your opponent? There are 3 times, name them all. This question is worth 50 DP.

Correct answers earn you 25 DP each.
Thorough explanations on those that I ask for an explanation will earn you an additional 25 DP each.

You have a chance to earn a maximum of 350 DP.

Believe in more than you can see for it is faith that brings miracles to light.

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3rd Lesson

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