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Move and Combo

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PostSubject: Move and Combo   Thu Dec 03, 2009 10:33 pm

I thought this as essential as most of you are posting moves and not combos

Future Fusion + Dragon's Mirror is not a combo its a move for summoning A dragon Fusion

Too many times we get combos that require a large ammount of cards to pull it off. While technically you can still consider these as combos, seeing as how dificult it is to do the combo, most of us don't even concider them ~real~ combos. Combos are more or less neat little tricks you can pull off with two to four (at the most) cards. A true "combo" is with just two cards, while sometimes, when the outcome is very good, more cards are accepted.

Combos, like:
Jowgen + Last Turn
Guardian Tryce + Soul Exchange
Creature Swap + any weak monster

These are true combos. The harder it is to pull a combo off (The more cards you need for it) The less people will like your combo.

Please keep this in mind when posting your combos. Thank you.
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PostSubject: Re: Move and Combo   Thu Jan 07, 2010 3:01 am

I just noticed this topic and thought I'd correct you on something. A combo is technically any combination of cards used to make a move. Some people do make this mistake because they see a combo as something to win the game or do something big. Combos can come in big or small. So even moves like the Future Fusion + Dragon's Mirror can be considered a combo because they are a "combination" of cards used to make a move. It is definitely not as clever as Jowgen and Last Turn, but it is a combo none-the-less.


A Combo is a combination of 2 or more cards whose effects activate in such an order that allows the result to be different (and potentially more useful) than what would otherwise be normally possible. A common combination is "Book of Moon" combined with "Nobleman of Crossout" (which would allow a face down monster to be removed from play, which would not have normally happened because Book of Moon does not remove monsters from play and Nobleman of Crossout wouldn't have had a proper target to select first).

Although the end result of Future Fusion and Dragon's Mirror is still a Fusion, it is still slightly different than either card can provide because you're immediately Fusion Summoning a monster when you don't have all of the material monsters in your hand, field, or grave. Also, even though the monsters are removed from play by Dragon's Mirror, Future Fusion will still be able to Fusion Summon a second Fusion Monster.

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Move and Combo

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