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DA Battle Arena DP Cashing System ( MUST READ!)

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PostSubject: DA Battle Arena DP Cashing System ( MUST READ!)   Wed Dec 09, 2009 8:30 pm

This is THE DA BATTLE ARENA DUEL SYSTEM! For that there is a separate system. Understand this and understand it well. There should be no complaints about cashing in Duel Points as we will get upset when player accuse of cashing in improperly. So simply understand and recognize the two systems that we have incorporated into this Academy and avoid any finger raising. Now onto BATTLE ARENA DUELS, once you and your opponent had your Official Battle Arena Duel, posted it, and have it confirmed, it will get cashed in by an Administrator or Moderator.

This cashing in will go this way:

The winner of a match gets the normal amount of TC.
The loser of a match doesn’t get any TC. (Even if it’s 2-1)
The winner of a single duel will get half the amount of TC.

Here are the amounts of TC that are given after winning a match:

- Mod Beating Mod - 100 TC
- Mod Beating Obelisk - 70 TC
- Mod Beating Ra - 40 TC
- Mod Beating Slifer - 20 TC

- Obelisk Beating Mod - 120 TC
- Obelisk Beating Obelisk - 90 TC
- Obelisk Beating Ra - 50 TC
- Obelisk Beating Slifer - 30 TC

- Ra Beating Mod - 140 TC
- Ra Beating Obelisk - 100 TC
- Ra Beating Ra - 60 TC
- Ra Beating Slifer - 40 TC

- Slifer Beating Mod - 160 TC
- Slifer Beating Obelisk - 120 TC
- Slifer Beating Ra - 70 TC
- Slifer Beating Slifer - 50 TC

Just to clarify some of the things that we are doing. The ranks for this Academy go as followed from highest to lowest:

NOTE: Dorm Leaders are part of the three Dorms at GX Duel Academy, so beating a Dorm Leader is the same as beating a regular member of that dorm. Same applies for Moderators as they are also now assigned dueling ranks.

Admins, Co-Admins and Moderators are separate titles. They give you recognition and allow you to enter different parts of this academy. You may be part of my Co- Admin or a Moderator but at the same time a duelist as well.

NOTE: There is the option for some to only be part of my Mods and Co- Admins but that must be arranged only after speaking with me.
NOTE: That is a rare exception unless you provide a good valid reason.

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DA Battle Arena DP Cashing System ( MUST READ!)

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